In close collaboration with our in house design department and the factories we develop your ideas beyond your expectations. It does not matter how well you have already developed your ideas. Our experience, materials science and the knowledge of the statutory EU standards, allow us a fast progress from the initial idea to the final product.

Together we create your ideas into reality.

You will constant updates during the development regarding the selection of suggested materials, pricing and a full project timeline. Our services are also including free visualizations (2D images) and 3D graphics to help you illustrate the development process.

After the approval of the final design, we will arrange either hand samples, which can be made within a few days, if we do not need to open a new mold.

But even a new mold has to be created for the mass production, we are prepared for that. Our in house 3D printing machines can physically print any shape and color with hours without opening a mold. So it’s the most cost-effective and time efficient method to put your ideas into reality within days.