Discover Extraordinary with Okada Manila, the Luxurious place on the Philippines.

No matter if you just want to stay and Relax. Go out for a Club or Casino Night, feeling wealthy and comfortable. Or even go shopping.

Okada Manila is THE Place to do it! The Resort is just beautiful with its 44 hectares of oceanfront and different Living facilities.


  • Jägermeister


  • Silicone bracelet 

  • Countdown clock 

  • Metal roller ball pen 

  • Power bank 

  • Tritan water bottle 

  • Emblem metal pins  

  • Caps  

  • Umbrella  

  • T Shirts  

  • Ear plugs  

  • and more…  

Promotional gifts don’t need to be extraordinary to fulfill but why not? What about a Tritan water bottle or a well-designed Powerbank? We have produced many more Products like this for Okada Manila.

Luxurious Promotional products

Macma can provide High End Products for High Class cliente.