Founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé, it became over the last 151 years the biggest Food Company in the World!

No matter if it is Cacao, Milk, Water, Baby food or even pet food and even more. It all began with a little Recipe for Condensed Milk.

It is exciting to see where Nestlé got in Last Century and so are we to work with them!


  • Nestlé


  • Polyester car seat cover 

  • Plastic Pen 

  • PVC water mat 

  • Water cannon toy  

  • Polyester foldable frisbee 

  • Children seat cover 

  • Ceramic mugs

  • and more

Macma Hong Kong does many different product types for Nestlé like children seat covers, Frisbees or even VR-Glasses. But we are especially proud of our Augmented Reality Advertisement in Corporation with Sens.tech! Just Download the App and Point it on the Picture above the Headline, you will see 😉.

Food for the World and Promotional Products can Work!