The Goose, gets you loose.

Do yourself a pleasure and mix an excellent Martini with this High Class Liquor.

“Shaken, not stirred!” of course 😉


Produced in France imported to the United States.

Made from Winter wheat grown and distilled in the region around Paris. Blended and bottled in Cognac, France. Makes the ingredients for this special Vodka. What makes it special is how the ‘Goose’ gets produced, the “Maître de Chai “ tradition gives the special aromas to the Vodka we all love.


Besides the original Vodka, Grey Goose is producing five other High Class Variations.



Grey Goose


  • Wooden martini glass storage box 

  • Martini glasses 

  • 3D swan shape olive sticks 

  • Bach bags 

  • Straw head 

  • Ice bucket 

  • Cocktail shaker 

  • Metal bottle holder with LED lightening

  • and more…  

No matter what, MACMA Hong Kong is producing everything for the Perfect Grey Goose experience. Do you want for Home usage, some Martini glasses in a Box with the perfect fitting Olive sticks with 3D swan Design?

Or are you a Bar Keeper in the need of something to impress your customers, lets say with a bottle holder with LED lightening or a Cocktail shaker?  We made it and more!

Promotional marketing done right

We are proud to say today – that we are producing High end products for this awesome Brand!