From conceptualization to the final result - we help you realize your idea's full potential.

1. Ideation & Design

Based on the project brief, ideas are generated according to the requirements and presented as sketched 2D and 3D designs to the client. The ideas are then developed into concepts that are ready for production.

2. Augmented Reality

Apart from the essential design presentation, we also offer a state of the art presentation tool for our clients: Augmented Reality (AR). An industry first, our AR app sensar not only let the client comprehensively examine design concepts, it also offers the opportunity to clients to see the product in their own environment in real time.

W E - C A N

3. 3D Prototyping

Our designs not only live in the virtual worls, clients can touch and feel our design physically, thanks to cutting edge 3D prototyping technology. Quick turn-around 3D printed samples let clients interact with the product before it is mass-produced, avoiding costly and time-consuming delays.

4. Approval Sampling

We understand that in the current competitive market, speed and accuracy is king. That’s why we offer a full range of tools to help you make your decision: material samples tailored to your corporate identity, print proof with PMS matching, and even 1:1 working samples with correct material to ensure that what you ordered is what you get.


5. Production

On time shipment is always a priority for us as we make it our mission to follow the timeline set out at the start of each project.

6. Quality Management

We carry out strict physical and chemical testing during mass production to make sure our products are compliant with the applicable standards. We also conduct factory visits to make sure the working conditions are met.


7. Shipping

After the samples are approved, mass production is carried out with careful control and overview to ensure the quality of the product while adhering to the production schedule.

8. Client Satisfaction

With a consistent and comprehensive process, we are committed to achieving full success in each OEM/ODM project with the end client’s satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Y O U - N E E D