We're more than just making sure you look good - we make sure the products we design work great too.

Product Design

Creatives who excel and specialize in the field; from conceptualization to seeing them through production: covering everything from 2d/3d design to prototyping.


With fashion constantly changing, our team is constantly studying and evolving together with trend analysis that allows us to create great designs with stories

We believe that good design is design worked inside out – from conceptualization to production we put design in the front and center of every product we make – making sure that everything is extremely well thought of.

'The details are not the details. They make the design.' --- Charles Eames

Our design team comprises of various designers with experiences in different design fields – the beauty of having people from different mediums is that there is room for collaboration of different design disciplines and allows us to form beautiful and unique creations that would fit your brand best and help your brand shine most.


From drafting 2D designs to creating beautiful packaging and even attention grabbing billboards and posters – our graphic team is armed and ready for anything.


With our professional in house photographer and our commercial studio set up, we can help you cover everything from simple shoots to elaborate editorials.