So let’s start this off with quiet a game challenge. First get that Jägermeister shot and place it right in front of you and then try to speak out the following German verse stated on the legendary Jägermeister green bottle label.


“Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild,

daß er beschützt und hegt sein Wild,

weidmännisch jagt, wie sich’s gehört,

den Schöpfer im Geschöpfe ehrt.”


Translated, that means something like.


“It is the hunter’s honor that he

protects and preserves his game,

hunts sportsmanlike, honors the

creator in his creatures.”


And now get in that 56 herbs liquor bottom up shot. PROOST. J


Got the hype of the iconic Jägermeister brand? The success story of one of our main customers, which we handle through our distributor partner in Berlin, Germany hasn’t finished yet.


The brand secret of Jägermeister


Old & dusted. So the starting point of the brand from the year 2000 wasn’t as it’s best, known as a shot after a meal or before going to bed or on the go for the majority of senior aged clients. Today Jägermeister is the no. 7 of the most consumed spirit in the world. How did the medium-sized family business managed to become the most successful German spirit and a global brand to grow?


The situation was dramatic. The main target group of domesticated drinking seniors decreased rapidly in the 1990s. Jägermeister’s image was clearly on its bottleneck, while mainly consumed at home. At the same time the green bottle was already an absolutely eye-catcher with an iconic appeal to its target crowd. The edgy green bottle was already recognized back then.


The spirit producer enforced the strategic realignment of the brand. Mainly changing their strategic towards a new and much younger target crowd approach and enticing no longer just the people over 55+, but the younger adults.


Jägermeister found its place from the domestic drinking image to a lifestyle spirit brand within the society in pubs, bars and clubs and not just at home. They have managed to get away from the image to be just a nightcup after a meal.


So how has Jägermeister mastered this radical realignment?


Jägermeister managed the realignment of the old crowd liquor with embracing the brands traditions and heavily investments into marketing such as commercial advertising and the use of promotional products in on packs, giveaways and online retail web shop fan items.


The stylistic features of the brand, the edgy green bottle, the deer head logo and the eye catching orange color were not touched or changed, but increasingly marketed to the outside world. Reinforced and smart, but also aggressive marketing has changed the brands image completely to the best and for world-wide success.


The main success mainly resulted in bars and clubs with a much younger audience. The brownish herbal liquor with its unique sweet taste was also used for cocktails or the creativity of bar tenders in recording videos of hundreds of shot glasses on top of glasses filled with Red Bull and there to drop it like Dominos was a fantastic show – and everyone knows that legendary drink to kick in called Jägerbomb. These videos became a big hit on YouTube channels and social media.


Today 40% of the total revenue comes from the USA. The name „Jägermeister“ is categorized as a brand of herbal liquors and has become a stunning drinking culture for their global audience. Jägermeister impressively shows: The repositioning of a brand can only be achieved with a bold brand strategy and the targeted benefit of its own history. But the success story of the famous liquor also proves winning brands do not only grow by adaptation or creativity! They arise through consistency and perseverance, even against resistance.


  • Jägermeister


  • Plastic bluetooth speaker in bottle shape 

  • 3D metal deer head pourer  

  • Hawaii Chain 

  • Copper plated shot cup 

  • Pepper mill  

  • Fish eye phone lenses   

  • Vinyl record  

  • Wooden menu holder with slate board  

  • Wooden cutlery box  

  • Wooden bill box  

  • Bar mat 

  • Napkin ring   

  • Tinplate magnet 

  • Dice cup game 

  • Pen holder 

  • Sun glasses 

  • and more…  


MACMA Hong Kong has provided Jägermeister with creativity and many award winning designs as the 3D deer head pourer and many successful merchandise projects to help the brand to shine brighter than ever before. Production processes, strict quality assurance and control has been developed over years to its very last detail.

Promotional marketing done right

We are proud to say today – that we have become one of the top suppliers for Jägermeister and we went through the historical changes together successfully.